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Jay’s Calgary movers know that office moving is a daunting task.  The actual relocation is just a part of what is, in all likelihood, a much bigger project including:

·         Acquiring a new office space

·         Leasehold improvements

·         Arranging for staff services

·         Moving your records, equipment, furniture and IT infrastructure, and

·         Office setup, reconnecting components and restarting operations after your move

There are multiple elements of any office move, such as taking inventory of everything that needs to be moved (or not moved!), contracting a reliable mover, scheduling the connection / disconnection of utilities, arranging client communications, staff communication and orientation and more!

Somehow, you also need to continue running your day to day operations or, at least, reduce costly downtime.  You could probably use some help, so give Jay’s Calgary movers a call – you can reach us at (403) 775-6066.

We can take on a significant portion of your office moving tasks, and our commercial movers will do this work quickly and efficiently while you concentrate on the rest. 

Jay’s Office Moving Services Include

·         Packing, removal and relocation of your files

·         Dis-assembly, packing and moving your furniture systems

·         Packing and transport of your computer and other office equipment

·         Furniture setup and placing containers in the correct locations at your new office.

Ask your Jay’s representative about our plastic tote rental for office moves – they’re convenient and environmentally sound.

…. Check out our office moving plan checklist!

Every move comes with its own unique set of challenges and we will work with you to devise a services package and timeline that works for you.  With experienced commercial move planning services from Jay’s you can avoid the common mistakes people make when moving offices. 

Connect with Jay's, your Calgary movers today at (403) 775-6066

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