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The first thing we suggest is that you call our Calgary movers for an estimate. Our estimate will ensure you have a good idea of the costs and options, as well as the timing that will be involved in getting your household effects from your current home to the new location. Please take advantage of our decades of experience, fill out the form on this page and we will send you our personal moving guide.

How Do I Get An Estimate?

Our helpful Moving Consultant will assist you with planning the details of your move. You will need to review all the items you need moved, then talk to us about arranging for the movers to do any packing, storage, unpacking or other services you want to include in your package. Every move has its own characteristics. We can tailor a moving solution that will meet your specific needs.

What Is Included In The Estimate?

Your estimate includes obvious things like the weight of your shipment, additional appliance servicing, crating of large items, storage in transit, packing and unpacking. It also will include less obvious things like shuttle service, logistical challenges like elevators and stairs, and additional insurance. Jay's wants to make sure that you are aware of the full cost and options so that we (you and us) do not experience any surprises during your move. Charges are calculated depending on various activities involved in a move, including:

Moving Consultant reviewing estimate with clientSupply Packing Materials: providing you with corrugated cardboard boxes, tissue, TV cartons, mattress bags, packing paper, shipping tape, specialized shipping containers, etc.

Appliance Servicing: preparing appliances for shipment, including removing wiring, disconnecting water supplies and drains, and packing to prevent damage to moving parts and exterior finish. Our movers would then need to do the same work (in reverse!) when we move you into your new home.

Packing / Unpacking: placing your property into cartons and boxes with appropriate protection such a paper sheets. We mark the boxes with information about the room that the contents came from, and apply that information to unpacking in your new home. Our movers will, by pre-arrangement with you, include placement of your household effects on shelves and in cupboards, but this is not normally part of the unpacking process.

Packing mirror and artLoading: carrying your packed and ready to transport property into a local delivery vehicle or a moving van. If your property is not going into storage it will, in all likelihood, be loaded directly into the van that will carry it on to your destination.

Cleaning: follow-up service to clean your old residence after all the goods have been removed. This service does not cover removal of things you choose not to relocate, especially any toxic or dangerous materials. You will need to take care of these before we do our thing!

Unloading / Loading from Storage: you may need our movers to trans-ship your goods for storage or multi-modal transport (such as an overseas move).

Storage: provision of secure space for storage of your possessions.

Household goods in storageLine-Haul: physical movement of your possessions in a moving van to your new home.

Unloading: carrying your property from the vehicle into your new home. While our movers are moving you in, we will place furniture in the appropriate room, reassemble beds and other furniture and, if included in your package, reconnect appliances.

Unpacking: removing your possessions from the packing materials in the room that corresponds to the room in which they were originally packed, or the room into which you labeled them for arrival. Our movers will only unpack your possessions if we packed them, and do not include placement on shelves or in cupboards unless prior arrangements have been made.

Cargo Protection: We automatically include the industry standard coverage with all moving services. You may choose to purchase additional coverage, which is available through Jay's, your Calgary movers.

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