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Moving is complicated at the best of times, but certain situations can make the experience very difficult. Things like moving with babies or small children or relocating seniors can be problematic. At Jay’s, your Calgary movers, we are a family moving families, and we know that family matters!

If your family includes babies, young children, or anyone who needs extra supervision, you as parents or guardians will find yourself under extra pressure during a move. Your family members still need attention and probably even extra attention as they may be upset by the disturbance to everyday life that comes with relocation.

An experienced moving consultant will make all the difference when dealing with these stressors. At Jay’s, our consultants will help you by monitoring the move to ensure that necessary tasks aren’t forgotten, and can offer suggestions to ease your transition.

If you have school aged children they might be quite resistant to moving because it means leaving friends, a school they are comfortable in, and the familiar surroundings of the neighborhood. Try to elicit enthusiasm for their new home by pointing out how they’ll benefit from moving. Perhaps it means a room of their own rather than sharing, or maybe you can let them create a plan for decorating their new space.

If you can, show your children around the new neighborhood so they can see their new school, local parks and rec centres, and any features you know they will appreciate.

Moving seniors is often a complex task. If they are unable to cope with managing the move for themselves, children or other relatives may need to step in and assist.

But if the senior resides in another city, how do you manage it?

Not to mention the fact that the senior might resist this move because it means surrendering their independence.

If you are not able to be present in person for your senior family member, your moving consultant will act as a liaison, and keep you informed about the move. They will arrange for any necessary third party services such as appliance disconnection and reconnection.

Your Jay’s consultant will make every effort to be available whenever you have questions regarding the relocation.

You can rely on the fact that at Jay’s Moving Calgary, we understand that moving is a lot more than just relocating your belongings from one place to another. It can be a new beginning for all the members of your family, and we want to make the whole process a positive experience for all concerned, because family matters! Call us at (403) 775-6066!

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