Holding a Garage Sale

Garage Sale SignSorting your household items prior to moving will help you deal with clutter and unwanted items. Mark bins or boxes according to items you want to take with you, those for a garage sale, things for charity, and stuff that has to be thrown away.  The experts at Jay's, your Calgary movers, have some advice to offer about holding a garage sale.

Holding a garage sale is a great way to recycle what you don’t really need. The less you take along, the lower your moving costs.

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Garage Sale Tips

  • Weekends are usually the best time to hold a garage sale. Avoid holiday weekends and hold the sale well in advance of your move;
  • Assess the area in front of your house to determine where to display items. Keep valuable items closer to your home (preferably on your porch) or where you’re going to be;
  • It’s important to have a back up plan in case it rains.
  • Price each item in advance (use price tags and mention clothing size). A general rule of thumb is to charge between 40-50% of retail price if an item is new and 10-20% for used or older items;
  • Moving sales attract more attention than garage sales, so advertise appropriately in your community newspaper;
  • Make sign boards or print flyers to put up and distribute in your neighbourhood. Tell neighbours, friends and relatives;
  • On the day of the sale, display items attractively and neatly (use tables and racks) and be ready 20-30 minutes in advance;
  • Make sure you have enough shopping bags, change, a calculator and a cash box;
  • Lock your house to prevent people from going in, unless your sale extends to items in your home. Supervise visitors closely;
  • Be prepared for bargaining and to reduce prices close to the end of your moving sale; and
  • Consider giving away or donating items that are left. Remove all signs.

Now that you have finished holding a garage sale you will have a better idea of how much needs to be moved. Contact Jay’s Moving Calgary at (403) 775-6066 for an accurate moving estimate. We’ll get it there on time and within budget.

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