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Map of Western CanadaWhen you need to move long distance to or from Calgary, which Calgary movers can you trust for a problem free relocation? There is a lot of planning and coordination required when moving long distance. For most people, this is a once (or twice) in a lifetime event and there are many things you might not even think about! Unlike a local move, leaving one city or community for another is complicated and stressful, an experienced Calgary moving company like Jay’s can make sure everything runs smoothly.

Where do you start?

  • Try to contact the movers as soon as possible; the more lead time you give them the easier it will be to schedule your move.
  • You will be assigned an experienced  consultant, and they will be your contact throughout your relocation.
  • Your consultant will set up an in-home survey to discuss with you exactly what services you need and want.

    Think of your consultant as a personal planner, they can ensure your  experience is as stress-free as possible, even enjoyable! Your consultant will be available to answer all your questions and concerns by e-mail and toll free by phone. Remember, there’s no such thing as a stupid question! You can expect to receive prompt, professional and courteous service.

    What can your consultant do for you?
    • Explain all the services that are available;
    • Coordinate third party services like appliance disconnection and reconnection;
    • Supply you with information about your new community to ease your transition, and
    • Be available to you throughout your move to address your concerns or any problems that may arise.
    How are costs determined for a long distance move?
    • The weight of your property is the primary determiner of rates, and
    • The distance you are travelling, so
    • Be sure you inform the consultant if any items in your house are to remain, so you receive an accurate quote.

    If necessary, the quote can be adjusted if you change your mind about what you need to take.

    A reliable Calgary moving company like Jay’s is very likely to deliver your goods intact, but accidents can happen. We recommend that you purchase transit protection for your shipment, and there are different ways to do this, such as:

    • Released Value Plan; a basic coverage based on the weight of your property, or
    • Replacement Value Plan; which will ensure replacement at the current market price of a damaged item that can’t be repaired to its original condition. Your shipment must be protected to a minimum value, and you are required to establish a realistic value of the goods being transported, and
    • Motorized Vehicle Coverage; to provide protection of your motor vehicles, trailers, campers, snowmobiles, motorcycles, boats and motors. This coverage is limited to their current market value, based on model and condition. Each item must be listed separately on the Bill of Lading.

    A long distance move is complex and requires thorough planning. Hiring an experienced moving company like Jay's Moving Calgary will give you peace of mind and ensure a smooth move.  Call Jay's, your Calgary movers at (403) 775-6066 so we can help you with your long distance move.


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