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Moving a computer with Jay's, your Calgary movers

Moving a computerPractically everyone has at least one computer in their home, and when the time comes to move, you’ll probably want to take yours with you! It’s crucial that your movers have the knowledge and experience needed to move your computer and other electronics safely. Jay’s, your Calgary movers has been helping families and businesses move for over 50 years (from the dark ages before computers!) and we know how to transport delicate items without harm.

Even though the price of technology has come down in recent years, your computer still represents a significant investment and you’ll want to protect it from loss or damage during your relocation.

Follow these simple steps to facilitate the safe arrival of your computer:

  • Copy all your files and save to an external hard drive, to DVD or to a cloud based service. Your mover can supply a sturdy accessories container in which you can also store your computer cables, manuals, and the other bits and pieces that go with your system;
  • Remove all disks from all drives;
  • Shut down your computer and unplug it. It might be a good idea to label the cables using masking tape to make reconnection easy. If you have a newer computer, you may find that’s already done for you, check for tiny diagrams and colour coding. Coil the cables up neatly, tie and put in your accessories container;
  • Pack your computer and monitor into their original boxes if you have kept them. If not, you can purchase containers from your mover and special microfoam to wrap around the monitor for protecting the screen.If you are using boxes provided by your mover, label them clearly so the movers know what they’re handling, or
  • You may choose to have our professional packers do this work for you, they are well-trained in protecting all sorts of items including your computer and other electronics

Computers are valuable items, and not something you want to take chances with when you’re moving! Jay’s Moving Calgary can provide professional packing services to reduce the likelihood of damage to these expensive belongings so you don’t need to worry about them during your move. Transit protection plans are an extra safety precaution should anything go wrong. Ask us about moving your computer and our Replacement Value Transit Protection Plan at (403) 775-6066.

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