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Moving a piano with Jay’s, your Calgary movers

Moving a piano, a pool table or any other really heavy item is a job best left to the professionals. At Jay’s, your Calgary movers we have the knowledge and the proper tools to move large items safely.

If you try to move your piano by yourself, the risk of damaging it is fairly high. Not to mention the risk of damage to your home (either the old one or the new one), the vehicle used to transport the instrument, or the bodies you enlist to help.

Moving a pool table is even more complicated, because they are usually partially disassembled, moved, and then require reassembly. If your billiards table isn’t put back together with great care, it won’t function properly (downhill pool, anyone?). For these reasons, if you need to move a pool table as part of your relocation with Jay’s, we will have a third party service perform this part of your move. Professional pool table movers will complete the job properly.

Jay’s can move your piano, we have the heavy-duty tools required to shift its weight, and our movers are trained to manage heavy items without damaging them (or hurting themselves!). In certain circumstances we may recommend a third party perform the relocation of your piano. For example; if your piano has a lacquer finish and you are moving during winter, the finish may be damaged due to cold temperatures.

Jay’s, your Calgary moving company can help with moving a piano or other really heavy belongings. And if we aren’t able to perform the actual relocation, we can advise you about the best way to have it done – just ask! Call us at (403) 775-6066

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