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Moving Checklist from Jay's, your Calgary Movers

Arriving at new homeThere is a lot of work and coordination involved in moving with Jay's Moving  Calgary. It’s impossible to remember everything, but leaving important items behind, losing valuable records or forgetting to inform service providers could cost you dearly. Our professional Calgary movers hope you can use the following information to prevent any loss.

A moving checklist takes care of all important aspects of planning. Print it out, stick it in a prominent place like your kitchen or home office and check things off as you get them done.

Jay’s Moving in Calgary has the moving process worked out in detail. From pre-moving preparation to settling down in your new home or office, we’ve got everything covered. With over 50 years of stellar transportation and storage services in North America under our belt, we’ve perfected the moving process.

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Moving Checklist:

  • Transfer insurance coverage, school, medical (dental, optometrist veterinarian) and bank records, club membership and legal contracts;
  • Notify the post office, credit card companies, magazines, mail order accounts, lawyer, accountant, vehicle registration bureau, government services (child tax benefits) and place of worship;
  • Discontinue utilities (water, electricity, and gas), telephone, cable, entertainment rentals, internet/satellite services, newspaper delivery, child care, and home services (maid, laundry and dry cleaning, snow removal and mowing);
  • Take with you all important documents (passports, stocks and bonds, house papers and moving documents);
  • Don’t transport irreplaceable items like jewellery, silver, photographs or your stamp and coin collections on a moving van – these are not covered by mover’s liability;
  • Keep aside sufficient clothing to last until your shipment arrives, as well as medications/prescriptions, plane tickets, credit cards, small bills and change, duplicate keys, some children’s toys, books or magazines; and 
  • If travelling by car you might want to consider taking along some blankets and pillows, children’s games, music and DVDs, pre-moistened towelettes, road maps, drinks and snacks.

Relocation CoordinatorJay’s Moving Calgary guarantees a problem free relocation in Canada and the United States. We’re always on time and we treat your shipment as if it were our own.

Managing the details of the move can be overwhelming if you’re busy with work, family, or getting your new home ready. Take advantage of our specialized service with the moving coordinator option.  Call (403) 775-6066.

It’s so much easier when you have professionals like Jay's , your Calgary Movers managing every step of the move.

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