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Moving and storage services are like salt and pepper; if you need one, you often need the other! Reliable moving companies like Jay’s Moving Calgary offer short and long term storage options.

Maybe there’s a gap between the time you need to vacate your old residence and the date you take possession of the new one. Or perhaps you are building a new home and it doesn’t progress quite as quickly as planned (sometimes construction schedules seem to be just suggestions!). Whatever the story, it’s common to need storage while moving; either short term (up to 60 days) or long term, and Jay’s can provide options to suit your storage needs.

Jay’s Moving Calgary offers Secure Storage

Moving can be stressful, whether local or long distance, especially if you have to worry about finding a safe place to store your belongings for a while. Who will you trust to provide secure storage for your household goods? Reliable Calgary movers like Jay’s offer:

  • Safe short term storage;
  • Secure long term storage in a climate controlled warehouse, and
  • Access to storage facilities across the country so that you can store your shipment close to where you will need it.

After you contact Jay’s, an experienced moving consultant will be assigned to manage your move. The moving consultant will schedule an in-home survey during which they will discuss all aspects of your move, including your storage needs. They will ask you:

  • Exactly what you need to store;
  • How long you will require storage for your items, and
  • The best solutions for your storage needs.

Moving Storage Options

You will be offered options for storage including:

  • Trailer storage; appropriate for short term storage, your shipment will remain in the trailer within one of our secure yards;
  • Warehouse storage; your belongings will be stored in a climate controlled secure warehouse until you are ready to accept it, and
  • Container storage; your shipment will be packed into a container, and the container is off-loaded and stored in a protected facility until you need it.

If you can, visit the warehouse where your goods are going to be stored to assess security, cleanliness and organization. You should be able to see that:

  • All items that are going into storage are well wrapped to prevent it getting dirty or damaged.
  • Many items are being placed in dedicated containers, but
  • Some furniture may be placed in special racks designed to store them efficiently.

You will have peace of mind knowing that your valuable belongings will be stored in a safe and secure facility.

Coverage for your belongings is available. Your moving consultant can explain the options available to you.

It’s crucial to choose the right moving company, especially if you need to store your shipment, either short or long term. Choose a reliable moving company like Jay’s Moving Calgary that is:

  • Affiliated with Atlas Van Lines,
  • Operates with modern, well maintained equipment and facilities, and
  • Has a stellar customer service reputation.

You can rest assured we will perform your move professionally and store your possessions securely until you need them.

Moving locally or long distance can be nerve wracking, and even more so when you need storage of all (or some of) your valuable belongings. Trust Jay’s, your reliable Calgary movers, for professional moving and storage options.

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