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Moving Costs

Ever wonder how Calgary movers like Jay’s figure out moving costs?  It’s not exactly simple, but it is consistent.  Essentially, the cost of your move is dependent upon the weight of your shipment and the distance from origin to destination.

Some moving companies may provide weight estimates based on the number of rooms in your home, but this is often wildly inaccurate.  The standard “guess” is 1000 pounds per room but in reality there’s no such thing as an average household and every move can fluctuate greatly.

It’s important to have an experienced moving consultant visit your home or, if that’s not possible, conduct an in-depth phone interview to determine exactly what items you need to move.  Only then can an accurate moving weight be determined and your actual moving costs calculated based on the weight and distance of your relocation.

Jay’s uses a tariff schedule that provides a transportation rate per hundred pounds for different weight categories. The rate per hundred pounds decreases as the weight category increases, and vice versa. Within each weight category there is a weight known as the breakeven point. This is the weight where the transportation charges calculated using the hundred pound rate for the actual weight becomes higher than the transportation charges calculated using the hundred pound rate and starting weight of the next weight category. In such cases your transportation charges will be calculated using the hundred pound rate and starting weight of the next weight category.

Other charges that may affect your moving price are:

  • City service charges;
  • Ferry fares;
  • Bridge tolls;
  • Stair or elevator charges, and
  • Fuel surcharges.

You can save money on your moving costs if you:

  • Pack your own belongings;
  • Disconnect and have your appliances ready to go;
  • Are organized on both ends of your relocation, and
  • For local moves, disassemble items (like beds) that require disassembly for moving.

Local moves are generally charged at an hourly rate (within city limits and within a particular surrounding area of each city).  A truck and movers will be provided to load, transport and unload your items into your new home.  So being organized for a local move can keep your moving costs down by reducing the time that it takes to accomplish the relocation!

Local moves may be able to get a better rate by avoiding month-end, ask your consultant about it!

Reliable movers like Jay’s, your Calgary movers use a proven system to provide accurate moving estimates and can offer tips to help you keep your moving costs under control.  Just ask us!  Call (403) 775-6066 now.

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