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Moving Plants with Jay's, your Calgary movers

House PlantJay's Moving Calgary understands that moving plants requires careful planning and thought. Plants are sensitive to temperature change and air quality and must be transported in a temperature controlled environment. In addition, if you are moving cross-border, check with your mover to determine if they are admissible.

Transporting plants in the trunk of your car is not recommended because the temperature cannot be controlled effectively.

Jay’s, your Calgary movers, have access to temperature controlled trucks that will transport your plants in an appropriate environment. These trucks and vans are generally used by growers but can accommodate your plants for a fee. However, space is limited and you will have to drop off and pick up your plants from designated terminals.

Call (403) 775-6066 for an estimate for moving plants. We will get them safely to your new location.

Moving plants requires a special three-week preparation. Here is a detailed guide on how to prepare your plants for moving day:

  • 3 Weeks before: To avoid breakage, repot plants into plastic containers of the right size. If your pot is too small, your plants will not have room to grow, while an oversized container can cause them to respond poorly
  • 2 Weeks: Prune plants for easy packing and to ensure good health. You may be able to pinch back newer growth with your thumb and forefinger. Use sharp pruners for woody material Succulents like cacti, jade plants and ferns do not generally respond well to pruning
  • 1 Week: If necessary, treat for insects or plant parasites. Pesticides may contain harmful chemicals so use them with care. Try to use environmentally safe products or methods like putting the entire plant in a black, plastic utility bag for about six hours with a bug/pest strip or an animal flea collar, storing it in a cool shady area
  • 2 days: Ensure adequate watering. Over-watering can lead to damaging fungus growth during transit, while under-watering could lead to the plant desiccating before reaching its destination
  • Moving Day: Pack your plants in the morning, or the night before in a dish pack with compartments available from your mover and do the following:
    • Place the pot carefully in the box
    • Stuff paper around the base to hold it in place
    • Cushion branches and leaves with soft paper. Moistened paper is not recommended because plants that remain wet are more susceptible to disease
    • Punch air holes in the sides of the box and loosely fasten the lid
    • Set the boxes upright and mark clearly

House PlantPlants prepared in this manner will be ready to travel safely for up to four days.

You can trust Jay's Moving Calgary to transport your plants safely anywhere in North America. 

Call (403) 775-6066 right away!

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