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Moving Quotes - advice from Jay's, your Calgary movers

When you are trying to decide which moving company to hire it’s smart to get moving quotes from a few companies for comparison. It may be tempting to contact an online broker who can provide several quotes from different companies. At Jay’s, your Calgary movers, we would like to explain why this is not necessarily a good idea.

Online moving services brokers are not movers! They are middlemen who pass your information on to companies for a fee. So it’s in their best interests to pass your information as many times as they can, rather than connecting you with the best movers available. Your information may even be passed on to third parties; online brokers cannot guarantee what will happen to your information once they pass it along.

You are usually asked to give out contact information like your:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email, and
  • Postal code

And the basic details of your relocation such as time frame and the location of your new home. Once you’ve supplied this information the broker will pass it on to as many companies as possible. It may seem easier than dealing directly with the movers yourself, but you are giving up some measure of control over your information.

You will probably be asked to complete an online form detailing your household goods that will provide the basis for the moving quotes you receive.

After you have done this work and submitted the form you will be contacted by moving companies offering quotes. The quotes you receive are based on the information you provided and could be wildly inaccurate if the list you were asked to fill out was incomplete, or if you weren’t able to correctly estimate how many medium sized boxes or china cartons you require.

What if you need third party services such as appliance disconnection and reconnection? Who can help you decide exactly what services you need and provide an accurate assessment of your entire shipment?

Wouldn’t it be better to talk to a professional moving consultant who is familiar with all aspects of moving?

The greatest shortcoming of online moving quotes is their unreliability. Because they are providing a quote without a proper assessment of your shipment, it’s likely to be inaccurate. Finding this out once your belongings are loaded on the truck may lead to a situation where you need to pay a higher sum than expected if you want to get your things back!

The moving companies that receive your information may or may not be reputable; it’s up to you to check them out. Unfortunately, it’s a fact that dealing with online brokers increases the risk of fraud. An online quote may be deliberately low to convince you to hire a disreputable company who will then hold your belongings hostage for a larger payout.

At Jay’s, your Calgary moving company we are certain that you will get better moving quotes and have a better relocation experience if you deal directly with us. We will provide the personal service of an in-home survey to assess your shipment accurately, or if that isn’t practical we can offer an in-depth phone survey where we can go over in detail everything that you need to have moved so that we can give an accurate moving estimate.

 Ask us about it at (403) 775-6066. 


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