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Moving seniors - advice from Jay's, your Calgary movers

Moving Elderly RelativesMoving seniors to a smaller house, assisted living facility or nursing home requires a lot of planning. Not only do you likely have to find a comfortable home for your loved ones but you may also have to help them sort out their belongings. It will be an emotional time for all of you. Jay's, your Calgary movers offers some advice to help you during this potentially difficult move.

As seniors are often moving into smaller living spaces, many of their possessions must be kept in storage until they can decide what is to be done with them. In addition, they may have household items of high sentimental or market value that need to be transported to their new home or storage facility very carefully.

Jay’s Moving Calgary has provided customers with high quality transportation and storage facilities for over 50 years . Our logistics team prides itself in moving your shipments safely whenever and wherever you want across Canada and further through our affiliation with Atlas Van Lines.

Call (403) 775-6066 for a moving and storage estimate. We’ll handle your precious goods with extra special care.

Moving elderly relatives goes smoothly when you are properly organized. Here is a simple moving plan that lists some important steps:

  • Help your elderly family members sort their possessions into:
    • Belongings they can move to their new home;
    • Things that will be going into storage;
    • Goods to be shipped to relatives in another state or province; and
    • Items for a garage sale, charity, or to be thrown out.

Once you have sorted this out, your moving consultant will be able to give you a better estimate of transportation and storage costs.

  • Find a reliable moving company (like Jay's!) with quality packing and storage facilities;
  • Use our professional packing services for valuable items like a grandfather clock, and items of sentimental value that are virtually irreplaceable;
  • If time is short, ask for a moving coordinator to take charge of the whole process;
  • Make it a point to visit the storage facility and see how the items are going to be stored;
  • Ensure your mover explains how things will flow on moving day so that you and your elderly loved ones know what to expect; and
  • Use a moving checklist to help you keep on top of important things like:
    • Transferring medical and bank records;
    • Shutting off utilities in their current home; and
    • Notifying the post office and government services, etc.

See our complete Don't Forget List!

Jay's Moving Calgary will manage your move so you can concentrate on helping your seniors adjust to life in their new home. We also unpack the items we have packed for you.  Contact us at (403) 775-6066 when moving seniors in Alberta and Saskatchewan or anywhere else in North America.

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