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Packing for a moveWhether your move is local or long distance, packing is an art; using the packing services of Jay's Moving Calgary is a good idea. After all, they are professional Calgary movers and have the knowledge and tools to do it right!

Imagine how disheartening it would be to arrive at your new home to discover that some of your precious belongings were damaged in transit. Despite your best efforts, you may lack the skills or materials to prevent friction damage or breakage. The professional packers at Jay’s have the tools and expertise to protect your valuables and ensure a safe arrival at your destination.

So what exactly are the packing services that Jay's can provide?

We offer:

  • Full packing services, which involves packing and unpacking all the items you indicate need to be moved, and
  • Partial packing services, which you can choose to ensure that your fragile, valuable, or difficult to pack items are professionally packed.

How do you decide what needs to be packed?

When you contact Jay's, a consultant will be appointed to oversee your entire move, and they will schedule an in-home survey to:

  • Evaluate your packing requirements, and
  • Establish which items are particularly treasured or valuable to you that may demand special packing or crating to be well protected while in transit.

There are many diverse containers to efficiently and securely pack all your belongings, for example:

  • Large boxes for bulky items which aren’t too heavy;
  • Small boxes for packing heavier objects;
  • Wardrobe boxes to move your clothing on hangers to avoid wrinkling;
  • China barrels; sturdy, reinforced boxes constructed purposely to safely transport your plates, bowls, stemware and other dishes, and
  • Book boxes; small, durable boxes designed to protect your books and magazines.

Using the correct materials is also crucial when packing your items, Jay's has:

  • Bubble wrap,
  • Heavy paper, and
  • Tissue paper.

These supplies will protect your valuables and sentimentally treasured items from getting dirty or damaged.

Effective labelling of the boxes is imperative to avoid chaos at the other end of the move; the movers will clearly label all the boxes with:

  • The name of the room in which they should be placed at the new location (kitchen, bathroom etc.), and
  • The contents of the box.

Side labelling of the boxes is a good idea, because if you need to store some of the boxes for a time, either in your new home or at a storage facility, the boxes may be stacked and the labels will be visible so you can easily identify their contents.

It’s important to have a designated set-up box, containing those items that you will need as soon as you arrive at your destination, such as:

  • Baby or pet supplies;
  • Necessary parts for assembling disassembled furniture, or
  • Anything that you know you will need access to right away (coffee maker perhaps?)

Upon arrival at your new home, the movers will put all the boxes into the proper rooms as per the labels, and unpack the boxes that they have packed. You might also consider opting for put-away services, especially for some rooms that you need functioning immediately (the kitchen, perhaps?).

Packing for a move is a formidable task: it would be smart to leave it to the professionals at Jay's, your Calgary movers. Our packing services can make your relocation easier.  Call Jay's at (403) 775-6066, we can help you with your move!

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