Kitchen Packing Tips from Jay`s, Your Calgary Movers

Your kitchen is probably the most complex room to pack; here are some kitchen packing tips from Jay’s Moving Calgary to make the job easier.

Start by preparing a box of essential kitchen items that you’ll want during the last two days in your old home and the first couple of days in the new house. This might include items like:

  • A coffeemaker (don’t forget filters and coffee)
  • Salt and pepper
  • A Toaster
  • An unopened small jar of jam/peanut butter
  • An easy food item for one dinner or lunch (such as a jar of pasta sauce and pasta)
  • A radio
  • A mug, plate, fork, knife, and spoon for each member of the family
  • A sharp knife and scissors(to open the rest of your boxes)
  • Paper towel and rags
  • A small emergency kit, and
  • A flashlight

With your box of essentials readied, you’re all set to pack up the remainder of your kitchen! Here are a few suggestions for packing specific kitchen items:

Canned Goods and Other Non-Frozen Foods — Take into account the weight, volume of space they’ll occupy on the truck, and the relative cost of food items. It might not be advisable transporting them, so try and plan your meals around reducing these items, or donate to a local food bank before you move. The food items that you decide are worthwhile relocating can be packed upright in appropriately sized cartons. Don’t attempt to move perishables. *Glass jars can freeze and break and any opened container can leak. Wrap glass containers and boxed foods individually and pack in small cartons.

Appliances and Utensils — Wrap and place your small appliances and utensils in sturdy cartons (put heavier items on the bottom).

Dishware – Read the Packing Methods page for detailed instructions on how to wrap and pack your dishware, glasses and cups.

Pots and Pans – Nest your pots and pans with packing paper between each one to prevent scratching. Wrap the lids separately and tuck beside or on top of nested pots in an appropriately sized carton.

Microwave Ovens — Remove any loose articles inside your oven, like cookware, glass shelves and carousels, wrap and pack them separately.

Cleaning supplies – Should not be packed with food. *Liquid cleaners may leak (due to temperature fluctuations) damaging other items so you might be better off using them up before moving. Aerosol or any pressurized containers cannot be transported on the moving truck so don’t pack these items.

*If you must pack any liquids they should be placed into plastic bins in case of leakage.

With these kitchen packing tips from Jay’s, your Calgary movers you’ll have that room packed and ready with minimal fuss. Of course, if you don’t want to do the packing, we can do it for you – just ask!

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