Transit Protection Plans from Jay's, your Calgary movers

No matter how reliable or safe your moving company is, it’s important to cover your shipments for damage or loss during relocation.  Here is some important info about transit protection plans from Jay's Moving Calgary.

Transit protection plans will help you avoid the additional stress of being unprepared when faced with a complex situation.

Although Jay’s, your Calgary movers has a stellar track record that spans over 50 years, we still advise all our clients to sign up for transit protection plans.

It’s not a reflection on how particular we are about packing, transporting and storing your shipments. On the contrary, it shows how much we care about our customers’ peace of mind. We like to provide you with added security so that you’re not losing sleep worrying about “what if”.

Ask us for a moving estimate at (403) 775-6066.

The amount of coverage depends on the type of transit protection plan you choose. As a leading Atlas Van Lines Agent, Jay’s offers the following options:

  • Released Value Plan: A basic transit protection coverage that’s offered as part of your move at no additional cost to you. Claims are based on the weight of the damaged or lost item multiplied by 60 cents per pound. This plan works well if you have alternate coverage on your household items that encompasses the entire relocation process i.e. loading, transportation, storage and unloading. Most homeowner policies do not have this additional coverage;
  • Replacement Value Plan: This type of transit protection plan ensures that if the damaged item can’t be repaired to its original condition it will be replaced at the current market price. You are required to establish a realistic value of all the goods being transported and your shipment must be protected to a minimum of $10.00 per pound multiplied by the actual weight of your goods; and
  • Motorized Vehicle Coverage: Protection is limited to the current market value, model and condition of your motor vehicles, trailers, campers, snowmobiles, motorcycles, boats or motors. These items must be shown separately on the Bill of Lading (legal document that allows the mover to transport your goods).

Jay’s Moving Calgary offers quality on-time transportation. We will make sure that all your valuable possessions arrive in pristine condition.

Call Jay's, your Calgary movers at (403) 775-6066 for more information on our transit protection plans including items of high value like your antique vehicles.

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